IMAP Extractors is a software product designed to extract attachments, email addresses and messages from IMAP4 folders and to make an archive of the files extracted.

IMAP Extractors is a very convenient and efficient solution. You can use IMAP Extractors to create an archive of attachments or messages received from certain individual and corporate clients, messages with specified subject or, received within certain time interval and make email addresses list from all senders.

IMAP Extractors has the friendly graphic interface and the easy to use wizard will help you to extract data from the IMAP4 folders by several mouse clicks.



Very simple to use

Extract e-mail attachments, e-mail addresses and messages from public folders

Multiple accounts for processing

Subfolders processing

Advanced folder naming

Advanced file naming

Automatic mode for scheduling

Save results to text or CSV  or MS Excel files

Can process only new messages with saved projects

"One-Click" processing with saved projects

How does IMAP Extractors work?

IMAP Extractors scans messages stored in specified folders and subfolders of IMAP4 servers. Then it extracts attachments from the messages and saves them in the specified folder on the disc.