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 Automated HelpDesk rules

Be courteous and polite.
Insults, name-calling, swearing, etc, will not help to solve the issue. However, any messages that have this type of language will not be answered. Also please write your messages in English only, messages in other languages will not be answered.

Give us time.
Technical support answers support requests within 24-48 hours. This time varies depending on the current number of messages in the waiting list, complexity of your request, time required for the solution, and, most important, completeness of the information provided in the original request. Iterating your requests you only enlarge the waiting list, making everyone wait longer.

Send as much as possible the details.
The more details you give us the more efficiently we will process your request. The technical support team are not mind readers. They cannot assume that you meant "this" instead of "that". You should give us as many details as possible so that they can help you. Messages like "Your program is not working properly. Please help" can not help us to detect your problem. So please give us as many details as possible:

  • if your question concerns an incorrect software operation please do not forget to provide us with the version number of the operating system, version of the service/upgrade pack and Microsoft Internet Explorer version installed on your computer.

  • please mention all additional details you see appropriate so that the developers can exactly reconstruct your situation in the lab.

  • if you are a registered user please specify your serial number or order number. It will help us to process your request faster.

  • please check on the list of latest upgrades as the problem might be fixed already.

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