Mailing List Wizard (MLW) is designed to help you with processing and converting your mailing lists. It is able of excluding duplicated addresses, correcting misspelled addresses using unique algorithms, filtering lists by varied criteria, merging and split the lists, and making exclusions from address lists using an additional list. MLW can supplement mailing lists with address owner names using information from other lists, delete address owner names from mailing lists, sort emails in mailing lists, and also many other things. MLW is a single software product that combines functions of several programs for mailing list processing.

The program works in a wizard mode: it will prompt you step by step to choose action type; to choose a file the action is to be taken upon (source file); to choose a file the results to be saved into (destination file); to choose action settings and to specify additional files to be involved in the action.

When an operation is being performed, the results are stored in a temporary file on disk, and they are moved to the destination file only after the action is successfully completed. This allows interrupting an action in any phase without a risk of losing data any changes to files involved in the action are made only upon its completion. The temporary file is created in the same directory where the destination file is to be stored. Therefore, you need to have enough of free space on your disk so the temporary file could be saved.


During an action, the program is displaying a real-time log showing the action progress. For example, when exclusion of duplicated addresses is being performed, all the duplicated addresses found will be written to the log along with line numbers. Besides, the log contains statistic information such as number of lines processed, action execution time, etc. When processing large mailing lists, the number of entries in the log might exceed 100000, and refreshing the log on the screen might take system resources comparable to resources needed for the list processing itself. Therefore only first 60 K of the log are displayed real-time (about 1500 lines).

The whole log is stored in a temporary file in the MLW directory. After the action is completed, you can save the log from temporary file to any other file, open and view it with a text editor. You can also choose the option "Statistics only in this window" if you want only important information and statistics to be shown real-time (total about 5-20 lines during an action).

MLW supports a single mailing list format where each line contains only one address. Possible address syntax is the following:

"John Smith" <>

John Smith <>


John Smith

The following address syntax variants will be wrong:

<> John Smith, John Smith

<> "John Smith"

John Smith, or

"John and Jane",

Addresses with the above wrong syntax can be converted into conventional format using the syntax correction feature.