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Differences between AEE editions

Differences between AEE editions

Feature Standard Professional Premium
Price € 59.95 C_DEF_CUR_REGNOW € 99.95 C_DEF_CUR_REGNOW € 179.95 C_DEF_CUR_REGNOW
Export to MS Excel yes yes yes
Export to text file yes yes yes
Integration to Internet Explorer yes yes yes
Internal HTML Parser yes yes yes
Microsoft HTML Parser (MSIE Core) yes yes yes
Web Search Engines limited full engines set full engines set
Multisearch (Search Engines) - yes yes
JScript pre-processing - yes yes
External Plugins Technology - yes yes
Folder scanner - yes yes
Batch project processing - yes yes
Filter by Keywords - yes yes
Phorum plug-in (scan engine) - yes yes
FAX Search - - yes
MetaTags Collector - - yes
USA Geographical Search - - yes
Employers Search - - yes
Web Form authorization - - yes
Search in LDAP Directory - - yes

* Plugins are small auxiliary programs that help AEE to solve specific tasks and extend its capabilities. E.g. plugins can be used to solve tasks of untypical datasource (LDAP and NNTP-servers) processing, to control AEE surfing by screening unneeded links and/or by supplying URLs for processing, to process found e-mail addresses. Also, the plugins can access web-pages under processing and retrieve specific data. Actually, plugin can fully substitute AEE logic, leaving untouched only the HTML parsing function and visualization of the data found.

* Multisearch. In the professional AEE version, you can search for addresses through several search engines simultaneously. Similar links found by different search engines are being excluded so the search is much faster and more effective than search using several standard versions launched simultaneously.

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