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MAPS Premium "RBL+ Master Service" Announced

September 22, 2000

Redwood City, CA, September 22, 2000 — Mail Abuse Prevention System (MAPS), the Redwood City based anti-spam organization, has announced today the release of its new "RBL+ Master Service".

MAPS maintains a series of databases containing the Internet Protocol addresses ("I.P. addresses") of Internet sites which do not follow MAPS' suggested email abuse policies. Included in these databases are Internet sites which support spamming (the sending of unsolicited commercial or bulk email), and Internet sites which allow their resources to be abused by spammers. Subscribers to MAPS' services can utilize the information in these databases to decide whether or not to accept email which originates from these sites, thereby greatly reducing the amount of unwanted email traffic which enters their system and ties up their resources.

RBL+ Master Service combines access to MAPS' three most popular databases: the Realtime Blackhole List ("RBL"), the Relay Spam Stopper List ("RSS"), and the Dial-Up User List ("DUL"), allowing RBL+ Master Service subscribers to poll all three databases with a single query.

"RBL+ Master Service combines our lists of the IP addresses of spam-originating sites, unsecured mail relays, and dial-up ports, allowing an ISP or any business which runs a compatible email server to decide whether or not to accept mail from those IP addresses" explained J.D. Falk, Product Manager for MAPS. "The advantage to larger ISPs and businesses, in terms of time and resources saved, is substantial, particularly for sites which process hundreds or thousands of pieces of email each minute. As they query our system to see whether each originating address is listed in any of our databases, the difference between one look- up per incoming email and three can have a serious impact on email delivery speed. By being able to access all of this information in one transaction, RBL+ Master Service subscribers can substantially reduce email delivery time and resource use, while still protecting their system resources and their users."

Added Falk "Our RBL, RSS, and DUL lists will still be available for single query look-up, at no charge, just as they have always been."

About MAPS
MAPS is a member-supported organization which engages in a variety of mail abuse prevention activities, including education, maintenance of databases, and management of complaints about electronic mail. Their website is at

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