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Internet Marketing Firm Unveils Web-Enabled Email Marketing Software

October 30, 2000

FAIRLAWN, Ohio (BUSINESS WIRE) — CrossTownTraffic, a marketing services firm, has unveiled its new, Web-enabled email marketing software GreenLight. The software is a permission-based email marketing system that is fully customizable and offers messages in a user-friendly Web page format. Companies can measure effectiveness of GreenLight campaigns through a sophisticated tracking system.

"GreenLight is designed to help cut through the clutter," explained Chris Camp, general manager of CrossTownTraffic. "It's designed to create a meaningful, one-to-one relationship between our clients and their customers, and email marketing is the ideal vehicle for building customer loyalty."

What sets GreenLight apart is that it's a permission-based marketing tool that is fully customizable to create unique messages based on individual customer needs and interests. Unlike bulk email, commonly known as "spam," GreenLight sends email to customers who have opted to receive information from a company. These emails can be personalized based on customer's purchasing history, name or other key attributes.

"That's another reason why GreenLight is so valuable," said Camp. "More than just a generic message, these emails can be used as product reminders, sale notifications... however a client wants to stay in touch with customers and build loyalty."

GreenLight also has built-in features that let clients measure the impact their email campaigns are having, letting them track email delivery date/time, email bounce date/time, email software type and even the date/time for when an email is opened.

Unlike other email marketing software, GreenLight is Web-enabled. "That means messages come in a user-friendly format," said Camp. "The body of the email looks just like a Web page, with graphics, columns of text and company logos. It's a more effective format than just a plain-text email because it's easier to read or even skim for pertinent information."

Headquartered in Fairlawn, Ohio, CrossTownTraffic is a preeminent digital marketing company helping enterprises capitalize on their .com investments by generating and sustaining high quality Web site traffic. Though the utilization of the most effective mix of digital and analog marketing tools, CrossTownTraffic brings clients quantifiable and sustainable site traffic increases that result in revenue growth and increased market awareness.

Contact: CrossTownTraffic Chris Camp, 330/665-5801 or Image Public Relations, Inc. Carolyn Costello Grossi, 216/687-8122


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