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Special Offer from RITLabs S.R.L.

November 8, 2000

If you are a registered user of any of our products (AEE, AMV or ADR), you can receive a great discount on The Bat!, developed by RITLabs S.R.L. The Bat! is a powerful email client that has every feature for an advanced user and a friendly neat interface. It has everything expected in an email client plus unlimited number of accounts and identities, flexible search functions, automatic spell-checker, powerful filtering and message template capabilities, message threading, PGP support, direct email management on remote servers, and many more...

The main program window where you read your messages.

  • Multiple accounts are a snap to set up, use and organize, and you can automatically retrieve mail from your accounts and automatically log off. Support for IMAP4, POP, APOP, SMTP.
  • The Sorting Office, a powerful filtering system, not only sorts incoming, outgoing, read, and replied messages to folders, but also can auto-respond; reply with a custom template; forward, redirect, print, or export messages; send reading confirmations; run an external program and more.
  • Save hours of typing and numerous keystrokes with Quick Templates. Insert text blocks - even from files on disk - add custom message information, attach files and vCards, and more - all with a couple of keystrokes and without using menu commands.
  • Create templates for new messages, replies, forwarded messages, and reading confirmations and customize them with easy-to-use 'macros'. Totally configurable, the merge-style templates can be created for accounts, folders, mail groups, and addresses entered in the address book.
  • Full 32-bit multi-threading lets you check mail in all your accounts, while composing or reading messages at the same time.
  • The Mail Dispatcher allows you to manage your mail directly on a remote POP3 server. Leave messages on a server to be retrieved at another location to simplify mail management.
  • Support for fifteen different interface languages, with the ability to switch between them on the fly. Perfect for international use. Plus, extensive support for those who prefer to use the keyboard.
  • Fast, browser-independent HTML mail viewer and live Web links. Don't like HTML mail? Turn it off.
  • Fast, built-in image viewer supporting GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO, WMF, EMF and JPEG formats. No need to wait until an external image viewer gets loaded.
  • Create as many identities as you want, simply and quickly. Each folder you create for messages can have its own identity (name, address, reply-to), complete with signatures and cookies, as well as its own templates. The possibilities for quickly and easily managing your email are endless.
  • Browse to the Address Book to pick addresses for your messages or choose favorites from a dropdown menu. Organize your addresses by groups; add personal and business information, vCards, and even your favorite photos; search LDAP directories directly from the Address Book.
  • Format your messages with the Message Editor's special Formatting Options and be sure that recipients will see your messages formatted as you intended.
  • Spell-check automatically. As you type, questionable spellings are underlined; a right-click gives you a choice of correct spellings.
  • Thread messages by reference, subject, sender, or recipient - especially useful for discussion mailing lists. Sort messages quickly by clicking on any column heading in the Message List view, or use quick filtering to select a group of messages for viewing with a simple alt-click.
  • Search messages in a folder, an account, or all accounts for sender, address, subject, keywords, status, dates of messages, or any combination. Read and reply to found messages directly from the search display. Or, use Quick Search to quickly find messages in a folder.
  • Use Regular Expressions, compatible with those used in the Unix grep utility and Perl, when searching text in the Message Viewer, Message Editor, Message Finder, Sorting Office filters, and Submission Forms.
  • The Mail Ticker™ - unique to The Bat! - looks like a Wall Street stock ticker, but displays the header information from your new messages. See instantly who sent a message and the subject; a double click displays the full message.
  • Internal (no DLLs needed) fast PGP implementation based on the award-winning OpenSSL lets you encrypt message and sign them with digital signatures. Also available as a free stand-alone Digital Keys Library. Handy manager for digital keys. Free plugins for PGP v5.5, v6.0.2 & 6.5.
  • Submission Forms - a tool for creating queries that are automatically processed by servers - are a great solution for a business client-server environment.
  • The Bat! is not vulnerable to the LoveLetter worm or any of its clones and recently appeared PIF-viruses.
  • Import your messages with the built-in Import Wizard from: Microsoft Outlook Express v4.xx, Netscape Communicator v4.xx, Netscape Mail v2.xx/3.xx, Eudora Lite/Pro, Pegasus Mail v2.xx, and UNIX mailboxes.
  • Import address books from any email client that can export to an: .INI, comma-separated File, or tab-separated file.
  • Powerful Filtering and Macro support allows you to use The Bat! as a Mailing List Server. Run and manage mailing lists or full-fledged discussion lists like MajorDomo and Listserv. All you have to do is check the POP3 account, and The Bat! will filter, modify, and correct the To, From, and Reply To headers, then will send messages out to everyone on the list.
  • Purge old messages based on folder-specific settings, play sounds when messages are delivered, add addresses to address book on the fly, create filters on the fly, select from 10 character sets, use smart drag and drop, save messages to plain-text archives, and more ... check the links below to learn more about The Bat!

Please, read more about TheBat! and our discounts here...


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