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24/7 to Run E-Mail Marketing Push for BBC Online Network

November 12, 2000

LONDON (Campaign Media Business) — BBC Online, the corporation's non-commercial network of sites, has tasked 24/7 Media with executing its first e-mail marketing campaign.

The corporation is planning to send several million e-mails every day in an effort to forge closer relations with its internet users.

24/7 has not been briefed to sell advertising on the e-mails at this stage but it will use its e-mail servers to distribute the marketing tool.

However, director general Greg Dyke last week indicated BBC Online might start selling advertising, so it is possible the slot at the top of the e-mails may carry ads at some stage in the future.

BBC Online is the UK's most popular site - attracting 200 million page impressions a month - so it would be a sought-after spot.

Carl White, managing director of 24/7, said: "Online sales is where we make our money but next year is going to be the year of e-mail, there's no question about it."

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