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Pitney Bowes, Digimarc to Enhance Metered Mail

November 15, 2000

Digital watermarking technology allows digital codes to be embedded directly within printed or electronic content. These codes can be read with special reader software included with many commonly available imaging devices, such as Web cameras and scanners.

In the future, digitally watermarked metered mail will enable customers to access bank statements, telephone and gas bills or mail promotions by holding the envelopes to Web cameras and scanners.

Over the next six months, the two companies will work together to develop the potential of digital watermarking and explore ways to use digital watermarking as a security feature for metered postage, such as Pitney Bowes' ClickStamp Internet postage solution.

"Pitney Bowes is committed to delivering leading-edge technologies and applications that bring extra value to our customers," said Jim Euchner, vice president of Advanced Technology at Pitney Bowes. "We believe that Digimarc digital watermark technology will offer new and exciting innovations in a range of postal and other applications."

Melissa Campanelli, DM News


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