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Sick Of Junk E-Mail? Type Only

November 15, 2000

SANTA CLARA, CA — (INTERNET WIRE) — 11/15/2000 —, the free guide to thousands of free email/web services along with free protection from junk email and spam, today unveiled the world's first free, single, simple, spam-free email address for life. Internet users can now simply type in lieu of their real email address whenever they want to submit or request information from any web site, thereby eliminating the fear of unleashing waves of junk email in return. When users enter this universal email address, Mailshell automatically creates a new, separate, private and disposable proxy email address called a mail shell which is submitted in lieu of the user's real email address.

The mail shell is a fully functioning email address that is created dynamically, in real time. The process is transparent both to the user and the web site receiving the mail shell address. Users can opt to receive the resulting incoming content forwarded to their existing email inbox or stored on their own Mailshell web-based email accounts. Mailshell's service is completely free and requires no downloads, reconfiguration or changes to users' existing email set-up.

Users can currently access this feature through Mailshell's proxy server, and the company plans to make the feature widely available through open-source code. Mailshell also creates customized versions of the nojunk feature for ISPs, email providers and companion tools seeking to reduce their users' frustration with junk email, (e.g. Whenever these users enter the nojunk email address, the partner will instantly and automatically obtain a unique "mail shell" proxy from Mailshell to submit in the user's behalf. Mailshell can incorporate the nojunk' feature into any service that sits between the user and the Internet.

"We reject the notion that people should tolerate volumes of spam whenever they request web services," said Tonny Yu, CEO of Mailshell. "Just because the current email infrastructure naively trusts email senders not to abuse the system does not mean that we have to accept email abuse and spam. This feature returns control of the inbox to users, allowing them to subscribe, submit and request as much information as they'd like without giving up privacy or control."

Mailshell also allows users to set expiration dates for each mail shell email addresses, further guaranteeing that one-time purchases, sweepstakes entries or surveys don't spawn a flood of unwanted incoming junk email. The expiry date can be assigned or changed at the users' discretion and Mailshell's guaranteed unsubscribe capabilities will ensure that the communication channel is terminated at the users' request.

About Mailshell

Mailshell ( ) offers the first complete, simple, and totally free solution to prevent junk mail. The company has created a new abuse-resistant and backward-compatible email infrastructure allowing companies and individuals to more efficiently manage their incoming email. Users gain complete control over their email and their privacy without any changes in their email setup. Mailshell allows users to prevent junk , by providing reviews and samples of the best email lists so that people are properly warned before they give out their email address; stop junk , via Mailshell's advanced filtering technology allowing Mailshell to instantly and permanently stop any email users do not want; and protect privacy , via a series of transparent and private email addresses mail shells that only reveal what the user explicitly has given permission to reveal.

Mailshell is a proud member of TRUSTe, the premier privacy seal program worldwide and independent organization dedicated to building consumer trust and confidence in the Internet. Contact: Gary Kishner Company: The Pollack PR Marketing Group Title: Account Manager Phone: 310-556-4443 Fax: 310-286-2350 Email: URL:

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