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DMA Show Breeds Optimism for Email Marketers

November 16, 2000

NEW YORK (Revolution USA) — If you're looking for evidence that offline brands will replace off-balance dot-coms in online spending, there's good news from The Big Easy. Exhibitors at the Direct Marketing Association conference in New Orleans say contacts with direct mail giants are making them optimistic about next year.

"We're seeing a lot of traditional clients down here," said 24/7 Mail VP John Kiggins. "Some of the major packaged goods and publishing brands, people who know how to spend money on direct postal mail, are really starting to get it."

24/7 used the show as a platform to announce a new wireless email initiative with Oracle. 24/7 Media will join the Oracle Wireless Partner initiative to provide ad serving capabilities and ad sales support to mobile phones and other wireless devices. Through the initiative, 24/7 Media will provide wireless ad serving capabilities and sales support. In addition, Oracle will serve as a 24/7 preferred partner for providing wireless solutions to its advertisers and content publisher clients.

Kiggins observation and optimism were supported by a new report released by the DMA on Wednesday, which showed that catalog companies are using their web sites to grow their customer bases and generate an increased percentage of their sales. The DMA State of the Catalog Industry Report 2000 reports that 44 percent of their online customers had never purchased from their company before. The study also shows that catalogs expect to generate nine percent of their sales from their web sites this year -- more than double their web sales in 1999, when their sites accounted for four percent of overall sales.

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