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Computer Hacker Invades Australian Star Swimmer's E-Mail Address

November 17, 2000

"Somebody actually cracked into my e-mail address and has been sending abusive e-mails to people on the Australian swim team and people at certain swimming clubs around Australia and people I don 't even know," Hackett said.

The Olympic 1,500 meters champion told Australian Associated Press (AAP) that he had learned of the e-mail break-in only the previous week and believed the hacker was a swimmer with a grudge against him.

"People have sent e-mails to me and he, or whoever it is, has sent e-mails back to them being abusive, calling them f-word names and telling them to stop sending me letters and trying to break up friendships with people I know," he said.

"It's causing me a fair bit of problems right now and I'd love to catch the person," he was quoted as saying.



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