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24/7 Media Obtains Temporary Restraining Order Against Maps

November 17, 2000

NEW YORK — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Nov. 17, 2000 — 24/7 Media (Nasdaq: TFSM), one of the largest global interactive marketing and technology solutions companies, today announced that the U.S. District Court in Denver has issued a temporary restraining order against the Mail Abuse Prevention System ("MAPS").

The order prohibits MAPS from listing 24/7 Media's subsidiary, 24/7 Exactis, on MAPS' Real-time Blackhole List ("RBL"), which some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use to determine whether to block incoming e-mail addressed to their subscribers.

Earlier this week, following months of constructive negotiations between the parties, MAPS abruptly and without warning placed 24/7 Exactis on the RBL. 24/7 Media filed a lawsuit against MAPS on Wednesday alleging that MAPS unlawfully interfered with the business of 24/7 Exactis and violated antitrust laws by placing 24/7 Exactis on the RBL.

A MAPS witness who testified before the court acknowledged that 24/7 Exactis, which has sent more than four billion e-mails in 2000, was cited in fewer than a dozen complaints during this period.

"We don't believe that any reasonable observer could contend that we are spammers," said Cindy Brown, senior vice president and general manager of 24/7 Exactis. "We support industry best practices and have been leaders in the prevention of spam."

U.S. District Judge John Kane found that MAPS, in adding 24/7 Exactis to the RBL, was "irresponsible." He ordered MAPS and any others acting in concert with MAPS to remove 24/7 Media from the RBL, and to rescind any comments to ISPs that state or suggest that 24/7 Media sends spam. Judge Kane also found that MAPS' actions deprived consumers of e-mail they had requested.

24/7 Exactis attorney, Bill Leone of Cooley Godward, said, "We are delighted with the result and appreciate the Court's willingness to review the matter on an emergency basis."

"24/7 Media delivers more outbound email than any other company and manages the largest global database of fully permissioned email addresses," said David J. Moore, Chief Executive Officer of 24/7 Media. "Thus, we have more to gain than anyone from the promotion of legitimate methods of controlling unsolicited bulk e-mail. We are founding members of the Responsible Electronic Communications Alliance (RECA), which has drafted reasonable guidelines for the collection and administration of email addresses. We are actively encouraging all members of the industry to work together to develop definitive industry standards final guidelines that reflect consensus. We do not, however, believe that extortionate vigilante control of the Internet is the appropriate mechanism for achieving this worthy ends."

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