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DMA Slams E-Mail Plan

November 24, 2000

The DMA has slammed a new e-mail marketing self-regulation initiative, accusing it of threatening start-up companies.

The industry body says the eMMa (e-mail marketing) Charter, proposed by agency All Response Media, will hit new companies because of its insistence on opt-in e-mails.

DMA director of compliance operations Tessa Kelly says: "What about start-ups which don't have lists of customers? How are they supposed to get started?

"If companies decide to go for an opt-in strategy that's their choice. But they shouldn't dictate what everyone else does," she adds.

However, All Response Media director Colin Gillespie suggests the DMA has not adequately addressed the pitfalls of e-mail marketing. "We felt the DMA didn't take the initiative so we did. We don't want consumer confidence to be undermined."

The agency is seeking support from new media owners and claims to have signed 24/7 Media to the charter. It hopes to gain the support of all leading Internet marketing companies.

The DMA published an online code of practice this year and set up an e-mail preferences screening service.

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