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To E-Mail Or Not to E-Mail: That Is the Question

November 27, 2000

According to Knight Ridder News, during this year's AdTech conference in New York a large number of companies promised advertisers that they have a database of individuals interested in receiving "Opt-In" e-mail. According to the report this reflects on the recent news of the infectiveness of banner ad results, and therefore companies are looking for alternatives. Marketers can track how many recipients clicked on the e-mailing news or who didn't, allowing better tracking of results. But the technology may be too good to be true. Jim Nail, a senior analyst at Forrester Research, added that in a recent Forrester survey of consumers, about half said that e-mail was a "great" way to get more information from a marketer and that they opened all their e-mails. But on the same token, the same amount of individuals they almost never found anything relevant there. It is estimated that companies will spend well over $4.5 billion on e-mail marketing by 2003, during which e-mail volume in the U.S. alone will grow to 536.3 billion, according to data compiler eMarketer. This data was published in today's MediaPost. Providing tools and content for the Advertising, Marketing and Media Industries in Latin America.

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