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Color Pilot - Special Offer from Invention Office RG

December 1, 2000

Do you have a digital camera? Or a scanner? Can't correct colors? Don't worry! Color Pilot can correct colors by itself and only waits for your instructions, e.g. "Make this color white!" or "Make the grass on this photograph the same color as on that photograph"! If you are a registered user of any of our products (AEE, AMV or ADR), you can receive a 25% discount on Color Pilot, developed by Invention Office RG.

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It is so simple it can make even a child happy. "Color Pilot does for digital cameras what cheese does for pizza" as Anthony Scannelli from Italy wrote about the program. It is easy to learn how to work with the program since Color Pilot can demonstrate itself.

Color Pilot benefits:

  1. Does not require "special knowledge" in the area of color (RGB, CMYK, L*a*b) and is so simple it allows even children to master color correction as the program responds in the natural language of color. (A children's version is in the works!)
  2. Frees the photographer from the decision making headache of "What color I ccomponent shouldhange?", "Should I increase or decrease, 10%? 15%?", "Should I change the hue?"
  3. Saves time as the curves are set up by Color Pilot automatically.
  4. You can easily build your own set of "reference colors" without extensive tutoring. These can be held in a separate "reference notebook", defined by basic color, available to be "picked up and used instantly."
  5. It is possible to color correct a lot of photographs quickly.
  6. Using the basic colors, it is possible to match color styles. This is important when several photographs are to be placed on one sheet of paper.

The program can be downloaded free to try. The advantage of downloading it is they have an automated "tutorial" showing 15 ways you can use Color Pilot.

Below is just a simple example of how photographs can be changed with just a couple of clicks of your mouse.


This is your original photograph. To correct this photograph requires three steps.

Original photograph


1. First select an area on the wheat.

Select area


2. Next, select the referred color in the collection (indicate the color of the thatch you would like).

Color #1


3. Click START button (On this step Color Pilot build the correction curves and automatically applies them to the photograph).

Corrected photograph


4. We can choose the other color for the thatch.

Color Chart 2


5. Repeat the selection process above and apply.

2nd Correction

These are some of the examples of how you can correct your photographs below. Please, read more about Color Pilot and our discounts here...

MailUtilities.Com Staff


Example #1, original Example #1, corrected

Example #2, original Example #2, corrected

Example #3, original Example #3, corrected


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