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Advanced Direct Remailer v2.0 has been Released Today

December 4, 2000

Version 2.0 of Advanced Direct Remailer was released on December 4, 2000. This version contains a lot of new features:

  • open COM/ActiveX interface for developers (including documentation and code samples);
  • plugin FromCSV for merging mailing with data from CSV (Comma Separated Values) file;
  • ExclList plugin for creating exclusion lists;
  • undelivered messages can be returned to sender now;
  • emails list export from mail folders (“Message” menu);
  • changing tray icon color when message falls inth "Bad" mailbox;
  • auto update of program DNS settings;
  • optional hanging up of dial-up connections at the end of mail delivery;
  • storing exact time in message delivery log;
  • focus interception on mail tossing was fixed;
  • workaround for Bounce Spam Mail v1.8 bug;
  • some other minor changes, adjustments, and fixes.

You can download Advanced Direct Remailer 2.0 free here. Staff


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