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50,000 Email Newsletters And Discussions Now Published

December 7, 2000

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 6, 2000 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Topica Inc., the leading independent provider of email content, has added its 50,000th list to the array of newsletters and discussions published using Topica's free email list creation, hosting and distribution services. Large list publishers, many with more than 70,000 subscribers, have propelled Topica's rapid growth to nearly one million new subscriptions per month. Topica now delivers nearly 300 million email messages monthly to more than 8 million unique subscribers.

The accelerated growth of publishers using Topica's email services has been fueled by the company's superior technology, its searchable directory and other tools that allow publishers to find new subscribers, and by the company's unique programs for sharing profits and promotional credits with publishers.

"We are thrilled at the dramatic growth of our list publisher community in the past quarter," said Anna Zornosa, President and COO. "Recent technology improvements, combined with the appeal of growth and profits, are attracting publishers in record numbers. It is a privilege to put the power of email in the reach of so many talented and passionate publishers."

Topica Promotion, Profit Sharing and Quality Technology

Distribution is key to Topica's appeal. Publishers benefit from the company's aggressive promotion of their lists among Topica's own community and to all visitors. All lists and groups, ranging from small discussions to large professional publishers, are located in the company's searchable list directory. Some of the most popular or unique lists are featured on Topica's home page. Topica promotes many of its best lists by adding them to the "Topica 20," a ranking that is updated weekly.

The optional Advertising and List Promotion Network offers the ability for publishers to place advertisements sold by Topica within their emails. In exchange for this placement, the publishers can collect dollars or advertising credits that can be used across the Topica network to promote their lists. In the past month, the number of publishers who opted to join the Network doubled, while payouts to those lists increased by more than 400 percent.

In the technology area, publishers benefit from fast delivery services, easy-to-use tools for list creation and management, as well as message archiving made available through the personalized MyTopica web pages.

"Topica represents the perfect blend of quality and free that is seldom found on the Web," stated well-known technology analyst and investor Steve Harmon, who hosts his award-winning technology investment analysis -- High Velocity -- on Topica. "Usually free services are weak or full of hidden charges. Topica provides professional list management in exchange for a little mention of itself on the list, so it's not intrusive or crass in its approach -- a nice blend of commerce and functionality that I find refreshing."

Topica's 50,000th List

The 50,000th list created using Topica's tools represented the benefits found by mid-sized publishers attracted to the company's offerings. "I moved my list to Topica because of the easy-to-use subscription tools and the chance to promote my list with free credits from the Advertising and Promotion Network," said MaryJo Scamurra, author of the Webular World Digest email newsletter. Ms. Scamurra had created her list originally on a service providing email hosting, where she had to manually add each new name to her list. "The formatting is easy at Topica ... and the price is right!" Ms. Scamurra, like 9 out of 10 publishers hosted by Topica, said she would recommend the service to other publishers.

Email Market Data

Email is fast becoming an essential way of communicating in a wired world. According to a recent industry brief by CyberDialogue, 94 percent of online adults in the United States use email. Additionally, more people online report using email than the World Wide Web.

About Topica (

Topica Inc. is the leading independent provider of email content. Through tens of thousands of email newsletters, tips, discussions and opt-in lists, Topica users can easily find and exchange information that is relevant to them. Topica enables marketers to reach highly targeted consumers and professionals based on their demonstrated interests. For people who run or want to start their own email newsletters and discussions, Topica provides free hosting, archiving, promotion and advertising services. Privately held, Topica is based in San Francisco, California. Investors include August Capital, Highland Capital Partners, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Private Equity, TLcom Capital Partners, Moore Capital Management, Draper-Richards, Angel Investors, and Stanford University.

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