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Mailround and Internet Exchange team up to implement peer-to-peer email marketing service

December 11, 2000

( EMAILWIRE.COM, December 11, 2000 )Mailround announced today that it is launching its unique peer-to-peer email marketing service with Internet Exchange, the fastest growing chain of internet cafйs worldwide.

Mailround’s patent-pending email technology platform allows Internet Exchange to centrally serve Stamps into the emails that customers read and send during their visit to the cafй. Stamps are dynamic images designed to enhance the email experience, and feature promotions and fun content which encourage recipients to visit third-party websites.

This service which goes live in November starts in the Internet Exchange flagship store in Baker Street, London and will then be rolled out to the remaining 42 Internet Exchange UK stores and 50 independent affiliated Internet cafes. The expansion of the service across the continent to Internet Exchange’s European stores is set to follow thereafter.

Mailround’s sophisticated targeting technology allows advertisers to accurately target consumers by store location and online activity. Due to the high bandwidth in store, Mailround is able to offer advertisers streaming video, audio and other rich media into incoming emails. Eldar Tuvey, Managing Director of Mailround commented “This is an excellent opportunity for Mailround to expand on its successful email permission marketing offering. It demonstrates that our in-house developed technology platform has several commercial applications, enabling established businesses such as Internet Exchange to generate significant incremental revenues.” Simon Henderson, Managing Director of Internet Exchange, concurred with Tuvey commenting, “Mailround is providing us with the technology and expertise to make email make money. This is a fantastic opportunity to for us to add value to our commercial partners. It also demonstrates that Internet Exchange is at the forefront of innovation in this exciting market. Our hope is that Mailround’s approach will actually enrich our customers’ email communications when they visit our cafйs”.

About Mailround

Mailround is a provider of precision email marketing services utilising a revolutionary peer-to-peer technology platform. The company was established in the UK in 1999 and is backed by leading European venture capitalist, Chase Episode-1.

Mailround’s technology has opened a pipeline into email, transforming regular emails by inserting a “window” alongside the sender’s original message. This enables the delivery of dynamic content within the email, using the visual impact of traditional print media and targeted around the behaviours and interests of individual emailers.

Traditional businesses, advertisers, web publishers and Internet cafй operators can now deliver targeted messages within the existing emails sent and received by their customers, employees or Mailround’s own community of private email users.

Mailround offers a comprehensive suite of applications and services developed around its core technology. These include;

  • its email permission marketing service where advertisers can capture space on the emails sent and received by its community of users
  • its advancement of corporate email communication through the dynamic adding of tailored content to outbound employee email
  • its affinity service which allows web publishers to distribute their own content within the email communication of customers who have an affinity with their brand or service

About Internet Exchange

Internet Exchange is the leading public internet-access company in the UK. Established by Robert Proctor and Simon Henderson in 1997, the company has rapidly expanded its Internet locations, known as Internet Exchange.

The total network including franchises and affiliated sites now extends to approximately 200 locations across 8 countries in Europe. Internet Exchange offers a unique capability to deliver integrated online/offline campaigns through the combination of the physical sites, the highly trained staff and its portal which may be found at http// This very effective combination achieves high online customer sign-up and transaction rates at a very low cost in comparison with other forms of marketing.

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