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Sex e-mail Read Around the World

December 15, 2000

An explicit email sent to a lawyer complimenting him on his prowess in bed was circulated around the world and read by millions.

The message to Bradley Chait, 27, was sent by Claire Swire, 26.

Only 13 minutes after receiving it, Mr Chait, who works at a top City law firm, sent it on to to six friends, adding the comment: "Now that's a nice compliment from a lass isn't it?"

Three minutes later, one of the recipients forwarded it on to others, stating on the message he felt "honour bound" to do so.

The email spread around Mr Chait's employers, Norton Rose, and on to other City firms before reaching as far as Australia.

As the number of recipients grew, many tried to track down Miss Swire whose father Glen is a director of the exclusive Vinehall prep school near Robertsbridge, East Sussex.

Many who read the email added their own messages including phrases like: "Just goes to show the kind of things that go in City law firms."

Last night Miss Swire left London to stay at her parents' home near Uckfield.

She answered the door but refused to comment on the phenomenon she had sparked with her computer.

David Chaplin, headmaster of Vinehall School, which teaches pupils from three to 13, said: "This sounds to be a very personal matter. I don't think I'd like to talk about it."

Vinehall is a co-educational preparatory school with 272 children from seven to 13 with a pre-prep department of 126 children from three to seven years old.

It is believed Mr Chait is now facing disciplinary action at work.

Norton Rose published a statement on their website stating they take a 'robust approach' to e-mail abuse.

It read: "The firm has clear rules that specifically prohibit the sending and receipt of non-work related material: in particular obscene, discriminatory or defamatory material and junk mail.

"These rules are included in the terms of employment for all our employees.

"Implementation of the firm's disciplinary procedures began as soon as the firm became aware of the circumstances."

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