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Special Offer - Advanced MP3 Catalog

December 22, 2000

Looking to sort out that big mess of MP3s? We might have the tool for you. Advanced MP3 Catalog is perfect for those of you with multi-gigabyte hard drives which store your hundreds of MP3s. If you are a registered user of any of our products (AEE, AMV or ADR), you can receive a 25% discount on AMC, developed by Wizetech Software Company.

Advanced MP3 Catalog

If you've downloaded 5GIG worth of the best of the new talent from for the past few months because you just got a Cable Modem connection, you're going to need this software. Then again, if you're like me, your collection of MP3s is just enough to make a pretty cool playlist for your Saturday night party.

AMC is useful for anyone wanting to maintain some order on their PC. We're not just talking hard drives either. AMC scans network drives, CD-ROMs, floppy disks, optical disks, ZIP disks, Jazz disks and any other media that can contain MP3 files.

Right from the start AMC is simple to operate. The download file is less than 600K, and installation is fast and clean. Add volumes to your catalog by scanning the detected drives on your computer, perhaps creating a separate catalog for each drive. The scan will reveal all folders on your computer containing MP3 files whilst maintaining the familiar tree structure of your drive. The author has gone with the simple feel of a Windows Explorer-like interface (but it's faster because the scan of the specified drive has already located the MP3 files).

You can create your own categories within a catalog; these might be songs categorized by genre, listening style, quality or whatever you like.

The search feature is thorough, flexible and lightning fast. Search by keyword in one or all of your created categories with 'whole word' and 'case sensitive' options for artist, title, filename, album, or comment. Advanced search features allow you to specify bitrate and sample rate range, mono and stereo channel mode. You can even search by the date the file was either downloaded or created. So if you can't locate a particular song on your drive(s), this is how you might do it:

Example — (you KNOW the filename had JiggyWalk in it when you downloaded it from last Christmas)

Search for: JiggyWalk
In category: ANY
Scope: Filename, Title, File Comment
Date between: 12/25/99 and 1/1/00

Although Advanced MP3 Catalog is most suited to larger collections of MP3s, we can manage to find a few songs within your small collection that you didn't know you had. While you have AMC on my computer, you need not worry about losing them again.

AMC supports 13 languages and comes with a comprehensive Help. See more details about Advanced MP3 Catalog and Wizetech Software Company here.

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