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E-mail Marketing Made Easy

January 5, 2001

Being in touch with people by e-mail is so easy. Once you start using it you will be amazed at the results. People love reading e-mail. When you do it right, they don't even know that you are marketing to them. There are some simple rules that work extremely well for fabulous results.

Keep it personal . Personalize your e-mails. You need to make the recipient feel that you are only sending it to him. You cannot address it to a directory and expect results or list everyone's name in the "to" box. Use a personal e-mail program to do this for you if your system cannot handle it. I use World Merge and it is a software program put out by ColoradoSoft. I send several thousand emails every week and every one is personalized using this system and it only takes us a few minutes to set it up. This is the number one important step in making your marketing work.

Keep it simple . The message should be short (no more than two or three sentences). No one wants to read a long message. And, it should be in plain text with no attachments. The subject line should say what is in the body of the message. You don't need "teaser" subject lines.

Give value . Every message you send should give something of value; for example, you could tell your target audience what the current appreciate rate is in your market area; especially if it is great! Or, you could share information on a new restaurant that is opening in town and what their menu specialty is, or perhaps a link to your local YMCA or Parks and Recreation Department with children's activities. The point being, give value to the reader of your email and they will want to keep reading your emails.

Sign e-mails . Every email should have a signature line that has your name, your company name, your phone number, and your web address. Each email should be from you personally and not a company email name. This way they will look for your messages.

Be consistent . Like any good marketing campaign, you must be consistent in sending something to your target audience. Every other week is not too much; in fact, if you have a lot to share it should be weekly. Put together a campaign that you want to do to reach your audience and then calendar in when you will be sending the message. Make sure it is the same day each week as well as the same format. Have them looking for it.

Use it . You can target other real estate agents, your past clients, current buyers, service providers, etc. Categorize your database and then send the appropriate message to each category. Sometimes, such as holidays, send your message to everyone.

Have a good service provider . Choose an Internet provider who will allow you are large email capacity. Who will let you send thousands of emails out at one time. You will need to research this a little. The free email providers are not a good provider for you; nor AOL. You need to look into providers such as Earthlink. The cost is the same, but the service is greater when you are using your email as a professional and marketing with it.

Keeping in touch by email is cost effective—it cost nothing! The results are amazing when you are consistent in marketing this way. Try these simple rules and watch your sales grow.

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