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Suffering from E-mail Overload?

January 10, 2001

[Ottawa, ONTARIO] Getting tired of sifting through copious amounts of e-mail in an effort to discern what's important and what's not?

These days, e-mail subscribers not only receive messages on their desktop computers, but on their laptops, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and cell phones as well. Needless to say, they run the risk of spending the majority of their day gathering and prioritizing messages. AmikaNow! is cashing in on this phenomenon with its artificial intelligence software that interprets and abbreviates electronic text, and then readies it for delivery to desktop or wireless devices.

The company recently stepped up its position in the marketplace by announcing a strategic alliance with peer-to-peer (P2P) software developer Ventrada Systems Inc. Ventrada, which was founded last year, provides software that allows mobile subscribers to securely access and manage information from any Internet-enabled device. Ventrada is targeting wireless carriers, wireless service providers and hardware manufacturers in order to get its products out into the marketplace.

AmikaNow!, formed in 1998 out of the National Research Council, is behind the development of AmikaHighlighter artificial intelligence technology, which interprets e-mail content by identifying keywords, phrases and sentences, and then delivers this information in the form of an abbreviated e-mail to the user's desktop computer or wireless device.

AmikaNow!'s founder and CEO, Suhayya Abu-Hakima, has likened her firm's software, dubbed 'e-mail clerk', to a highly competent personal assistant who would highlight the important contents of a document and then submit the summary to his/her boss.

The limited display space on most wireless devices makes such technology very practical, since users have already pointed out the difficulty in scrolling through long e-mail messages that pop up on cell phones. And, as the demands on mobile professionals increase, so too will their use of e-mail in the field.

With Ventrada, AmikaNow! plans to continue developing software that will facilitate the management of wired and wireless information. "Channel partners such as wireless carriers and ASPs are scrambling right now, trying to enhance their offerings in order to penetrate the lucrative enterprise market," said Denis Parisien, vice president of business development at AmikaNow!. "This partnership will help both companies accelerate partner wins in this respect."

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