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Actforchange.Com Generates More Than 100,000 E-Mails Opposing Ashcroft And Norton Confirmations

January 11, 2001

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 11, 2001 (BUSINESS WIRE) — In just two days, has generated more than 100,000 Citizen Action e-mails opposing the confirmation of John D. Ashcroft for U.S. attorney general and Gale Norton for secretary of the interior. is the activism Web site produced by Working Assets, the telecommunications and credit-card company that helps citizens speak out on issues of critical public concern and donates a portion of revenues to progressive nonprofit groups.

The Ashcroft e-mail action urges senators to reject Ashcroft, citing his far-right voting record on civil and minority rights, reproductive rights, gay and lesbian rights, and gun control.

"The selection of a conservative extremist like John Ashcroft for attorney general is a prescription for disaster," said Michael Kieschnick, president of Working Assets. "His voting record is proof that he should not be given the job of ensuring equal justice for all."

The Norton e-mail action urges senators to reject Norton's confirmation as secretary of the interior, stating that "Bush's nomination exposes one of the president-elect's real obligations to special interests: a massive rollback of environmental protections."

"The immediate and overwhelming response to our ActForChange e-mail campaigns proves that many people vehemently oppose the Ashcroft and Norton confirmations," said Laura Scher, chief executive officer of Working Assets.

For further information on the Ashcroft and Norton Citizen Actions, visit For updated action numbers, call 310/657-704. For more information on Working Assets, visit

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