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Impower Says E-Mail Prospecting Database Exceeds 450 Million Records

January 23, 2001

Impower, Princeton, NJ, said that its ImpowerBase e-mail prospecting database has surpassed the 450 million record mark. The database aggregates data from every e-mail address on the market.

The company also said that while the percentage of low-quality lists -- those that adhere to poor privacy standards -- has dropped, it represents about 20 percent of all lists on the market.

Impower noted that all the lists included in the database are audited by Impower’s eScore rating system, which ranks the level of permission used to accumulate the e-mail names. Lists receive an eScore rating between 1 and 9, with 1 representing the highest level of permission and privacy protection, and 9 representing spam, the company said.

"While the universe of e-mail records available on the market continues to grow, the quality of the permission has not necessarily improved across the board," said Eric Zilling, Chief Vision Officer of Impower. "One out of every five list sources has an eScore between six and nine, which means there are literally millions of records available that do not adhere very well to any privacy standard."

The company also said that ImpowerBase will incorporate a cooperative component that will be administered by an independent third party. Participants will receive one name for every name they contribute.

Dean Tomasula, DM News


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