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Clicvu Launches Anonymous Email Service, Spamex

February 6, 2001

NEW YORK, Feb 6, 2001 (BUSINESS WIRE) — ClicVU, Inc. ( announced today a new service called Spamex ( that enables consumers to send and receive email without having to reveal their email address.

Spamex provides consumers a high level of privacy, by allowing them to control who knows their email address and who is able to send them email.

"Many people are reluctant to give out their real email address because they're afraid they will receive an abundance of unsolicited email and have no way to stop it," said Michael Cassara, ClicVU's Co-CEO. "Spamex alleviates this concern by providing people with a simple mechanism to create new email addresses that automatically forwards all incoming messages to any email address they specify, whether it be a Hotmail account, AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, work, home, etc."

Spamex provides an easy-to-use Web-based management system that gives people full control over their account, including the ability to change the email address their spamex addresses forward to. This makes it possible for people to continue receiving messages when their email address changes, without having to notify anyone. In addition, notes, such as usernames and passwords can be associated with a spamex address, making Spamex an account information reminder tool.

"A Spamex address can be used every time a person is required to provide an email address for a newsletter, sweepstakes, transaction... for anything really, even if they just want to send an anonymous email to someone," said Justin Greene, ClicVU's Co-CEO. "Since a different address is used each time, the source of any unsolicited email can be easily identified by looking at which Spamex address it was sent to, and it can be stopped by simply turning the address off."

Spamex offers consumers both free and paid service plans.

"This is a great tool for people who subscribe to mail lists or use newsgroups or other public forums, all of which are often the targets of email address gathering robots," Cassara said.

About ClicVU, Inc.

ClicVU is a provider of services that increase the value of Web advertising. The ClicVU service allows consumers to save and recall advertisements through a menu that is superimposed on banner advertisements. Recently, ClicVU released The Offer Channel, a private label version of the ClicVU service, which provides consumers direct access every banner running on a given publisher's Web site.

Yahoo! (Nasdaq:YHOO), is a registered trademark of Yahoo!, Inc., Hotmail is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq:MSFT), AOL (NYSE:AOL), is a registered trademark of America Online, Inc. These companies are not affiliated with ClicVU, Inc. or the Spamex service.

CONTACT: ClicVU, Inc. / Spamex, Media Contact: Justin Greene, 212/629-8900 x101, or Investor Contact: Michael L. Cassara 212/629-8900 x111,

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