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Special Offer from TamoSoft, Inc.

February 14, 2001

Have you ever wondered what's going on between your PC and the Internet? With CommView you can get a full picture of your network traffic, packets, and TCP sessions, while SmartWhois allows you to get information about any IP address or domain in the world. If you are a registered user of any of our products (AEE, AMV or ADR), you can receive a 25% discount on CommView and SmartWhois developed by TamoSoft, Inc.

"CommView is a very handy tool to see all the hidden Internet traffic coming in--and going out--of your PC. Then add SmartWhois to track down the intruders. It's the perfect utility for both the novice user as well as a home network administrator."
--Steve Bass, PC World



CommView is a program for monitoring network activity capable of capturing and analyzing packets on any Ethernet network. It gathers information about data flowing on a LAN and decodes the analyzed data.

CommView screenshot

With CommView you can see the list of network connections, vital IP statistics, and examine individual packets. IP packets are decoded down to the lowest layer with full analysis of the main IP protocols: TCP, UDP, and ICMP. Full access to raw data is also provided. Captured packets can be saved to log files for future analysis. A flexible system of filters makes it possible to drop packets you don't need or capture only those packets that you wish to capture.

This application is designed for small and medium-sized networks and can run on any Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 system. It requires an Ethernet network card supporting the NDIS 3.0 driver standard, or a standard dial-up adapter.

What you can do with CommView

  • Capture network traffic passing through your Ethernet card or dial-up adapter.
  • View detailed IP connections statistics: IP addresses, ports, sessions. etc.
  • Reconstruct TCP sessions
  • View IP Sub-protocols "pie" charts.
  • Browse captured and decoded packets in real time.
  • Search packet contents.
  • Log individual or all packets to files.
  • Load and view capture files offline.
  • Export and import capture files from/to the NI Observerо or the NAI Snifferо file formats.
  • And much more!

Who needs CommView

  • LAN administrators.
  • Security professionals.
  • Anyone interested in having a full picture of the traffic going through one's PC or LAN segment, or finding out that a program installed yesterday is in fact a Trojan that sends your dial-up passwords to a certain e-mail address.
  • Programmers developing and debugging network-related software.

Click here to read more about the program and download a 30-day trial version. Read more about discounts here.



SmartWhois is a useful network information utility that allows you to find all the available information about an IP address, hostname, or domain, including country, state or province, city, name of the network provider, administrator and technical support contact information.

SmartWhois screenshot

Unlike standard Whois utilities, SmartWhois can find the information about a computer located in any part of the world, delivering all the related records within a few seconds. Even if an IP address cannot be resolved to a hostname, it's not a problem for SmartWhois.


  • Smart operation: the program always queries the right database, you don't have to waste your time trying them all.
  • Caching of obtained results.
  • Hostname resolution and DNS caching.
  • Saving results into an archive: you can build your own database that can be viewed offline.
  • Can load and process lists of IP addresses.
  • Wildcard queries.
  • Customizable interface.
  • SOCKS5 firewall support.
  • And much more!

Who needs SmartWhois

  • Everyone who uses standard Whois utilities: SmartWhois saves a lot of time and does things standard Whois utilities can't do.
  • People who hate spam or want to identify the origin of suspicious e-mail messages: check the message header and locate the real sender! You can also send e-mail to the network administrator with a mouse click.
  • Webmasters who want to study the logs more carefully and are unable to identify many IP addresses.
  • Shareware authors who want to learn from where exactly an order comes from.
  • People who want to identify the origin of suspicious e-mail messages by studying the headers.

Click here to read more about the program and download a 30-day trial version. Read more about discounts here.


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