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Tovaris Secure Email Solution to Protect Cornerstone Networks' Customer Communications

February 20, 2001

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.— (BUSINESS WIRE)— Feb. 20, 2001 — Tovaris: The Digital Identity Company, today announced that Cornerstone Networks, Inc. selected the Tovaris Secure Email Solution(TM) to safeguard the sensitive communications of its Internet access customers.

Through its Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system based on the Internet's Domain Name Server (DNS) system, Tovaris will facilitate Cornerstone Networks' offering of affordable, easily integrated email and document security solutions to its ISP subscribers.

"Security-conscious ISPs like Cornerstone are the first and best defense against online attacks," said Tovaris CEO Rick Gordon. "When Cornerstone informed us that many of their most valuable customers enjoyed the convenience of email for business transactions and personal exchanges, but had serious concerns concerning hackers and online criminals, we knew that our security service was the practical solution."

Tovaris recently deployed its Mithril Secure Server(TM), a simple network appliance that transparently encrypts and digitally signs email at the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and enterprise mail server level. Mithril allows email users to communicate securely with recipients inside and outside the system. With Tovaris, providers like Cornerstone can offer secure email by installing a single, remotely-managed Mithril Secure Server. Cornerstone engineers installed and configured the system, and migrated subscribers, in a few hours, with no system disruption.

"The Tovaris Secure Email Solution gives us an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage, and practical security strategy for our most valuable customers," said Peter Clausen, president of Cornerstone Networks. "We chose Tovaris for their plug-and-play email and document security offering - a premium service we can put into action immediately."

Cornerstone Networks was acquired in October 1999 by NTELOS, Inc., a publicly-traded company (Nasdaq: NTLO) and diversified telecommunications provider headquartered in Waynesboro, VA serving the fast-growing markets for Internet access, digital PCS, and CLEC (competitive local-exchange carrier) services. Operating under the Intelos name in Virginia, West Virginia, and surrounding areas, its subsidiaries provide dial-up, DSL (digital subscriber line), and dedicated Internet access; local and long-distance phone service; mobile phone service (both analog cellular and digital PCS); and paging. Other units provide cable TV service, directory publishing, and security alarm monitoring.

About Tovaris: The Digital Identity Company

Tovaris provides the only practical email and document security solution that protects the vital information of every enterprise - the cornerstone of digital identity management. With its proprietary Domain Name Service (DNS)-based system, Tovaris has addressed fundamental problems slowing global adoption of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Tovaris enables individuals and businesses to protect their assets and information through affordable, easy-to-use, easy-to-implement, and highly scalable solutions. Tovaris' security services protect sensitive information while improving bottom line profitability.


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