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Greenfield Offers DMA Members Service that Analyzes Web Sites

February 27, 2001

SEATTLE — The Direct Marketing Association yesterday said that it is joining with Greenfield Online to offer DMA members a Web site evaluation service.

The DMA will use Greenfield's SCORE component of the company's WebSuite product line. The tracking software would let DMA's 5,000 members determine the effectiveness of their Web sites by checking performance updates on a co-branded page on the Greenfield Web site, DMA spokeswoman Christina Duffney said. The password-protected accounts will be updated daily, she said.

"(The service) is going to help our members locate the areas on the sites with the highest traffic, lowest traffic, or where visitors may be having a hard time with functionality," Duffney said. "It's basically going to help them segment the value on their sites."

The service is scheduled to go live on March 1. The DMA will demonstrate the service today at the spring show's exhibit hall.

Members will be able to access the service for an annual fee, which has not been finalized, the DMA said.

The service features a Web site questionnaire that will allow members to randomly collect data from people when they visit their Web site. Members will randomly survey visitors until they've collected data from 500 visitors, at which point their evaluations can begin.

Greenfield Online is an online research company based in Wilton, CT.

Wil Cruz, DM News


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