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Advanced Email Extractor 2.0, now with projects and...

March 28, 2001

We are glad to present 2.0 version of Advanced Email Extractor! You'll never worry about your work with AEE 2.0. Now, AEE supports "projects" — you can save your current project, turn off computer and load this project back in any time.

Also, you can turn on temporary file at "General" tab in settings, and AEE will save your project automatically with some intervals. Even if your child press "Reset" on your computer, you'll able to load temporary file into AEE and continue your work.

Version 2.0 has some new settings (see "What's new" section of help or versions history on our server) and options. Update to AEE 2.0 is FREE for all registered users. If you'll like new AEE, please, vote for AEE at Download.Com.

Now, AEE has two editions - standard and professional. Professional and standard versions of AEE work in the same way except for the two major differences:

  • Multisearch. In the professional AEE version, you can search for addresses through several search engines simultaneously. Similar links found by different search engines are being excluded so the search is much faster and more effective than search using several standard versions launched simultaneously.
  • JScript. With the professional version of AEE, you can write JScript programs for preliminary addresses processing and for AEE integration in automatic systems.

Click here if you want to learn more about scripting feature.

Professional version of AEE cost $99.95, but all registered users of standard version of Advanced Email Extractor can buy professional version for $40. Please, note, that update to STANDARD version of AEE is FREE, and all future updates will FREE too.

You can download standart and professional versions of AEE from our downloading page. Note, that you can have both versions installed on one machine at the same time. By default, professional version use another installation directory, menu folder and registry section for settings. So, professional and standard versions will not conflict.

Thank you for your comments, suggestions and support. Please, feel free to contact with us — we'll glad to help you!

MailUtilities.Com Staff


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