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Your E-mail Bodyguard

March 29, 2001

Part of your development as an e-business owner necessitates that you join various e-newsletters and register at certain sites to gain information. However, repeatedly volunteering your e-mail address is akin to posting your phone number in the bathroom of a major telemarketing company. It will almost guarantee a flurry of unwanted communication from spammers trying to sell you something or attempting to direct your eyeballs somewhere.

Well, if you've grown weary of using your delete key, there is an alternative to eliminating unsolicited e-mail -- Spamex.

This valuable service essentially acts as a sentry for your inbox, only allowing wanted mail to penetrate. Simply, create a Spamex public address and use it when you want to sign up for newsletters or e-zines, site registrations, sweepstakes, etc. - anyplace that requests your e-mail address.

Once you have established your public address, you can start using it to send and receive mail. Incoming mail gets routed to your always private and confidential real address, never revealing any details about your identity.

You can have many public Spamex addresses forwarding your e-mail to your private address. By doing so, you will be able to identify the culprit who has sold, rented or distributed your address to others.

Currently, Spamex has two levels of service - 15 public addresses and 25k are free, while 100 public addresses and 100k are slightly more than $15 for the year. Well worth it if you factor in how much time you save scrolling through junk mail, not to mention saving wear-and-tear on your delete key.

By Robyn Greenspan, Copyright © 2001 Corp


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