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Australian Government Warns Of E-Mail Tax Hoax

March 29, 2001

Australia's Communications and IT Minister Richard Alston has taken time out from a building controversy over Internet gambling to warn Australian Internet users of an e-mail hoax making the rounds.

Alston says he has received numerous e-mail messages claiming that Australia Post will charge a 5 cent fee for every e-mail sent in Australia.

"There have been a number e-mails that I've received regarding an alleged Bill 602P," said Alston. "There is no Bill 602P and the Government will not introduce legislation to charge for e-mails."

Apparently the hoax is an altered version of the "bit tax" hoax in the US and Canada two years ago.

Alston added that an earlier government position statement clearly says it "will not introduce a 'bits' tax on the Internet (i.e. there will be no tax based on the amount of information transmitted across the Internet)."

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By Adam Creed, Newsbytes, CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA, ї 2001 The Washington Post Company


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