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Disappearing Email Service Offered by Microsoft?

April 3, 2001

Disappearing Inc., a provider of corporate e-policy management systems, announced a relationship with Microsoft to help companies evaluate, implement and monitor email policies.

Disappearing Inc.'s flagship e-policy management system, Disappearing Email, allows corporations to set and enforce email policies that reduce legal exposure and the loss of confidentiality by enabling messages to be written in the digital equivalent of disappearing ink. Disappearing Email for Microsoft Outlook is a plug-in that allows the corporate user to email messages and attachments that self-destruct at a time specified by the user or the user's corporate email policy.

"As a greater number of business documents today are housed in email archives, we believe the benefits provided by Disappearing Email are increasingly important to companies concerned about email retention," said Jeff Olund, general manager, Microsoft Office. "Disappearing Inc. has done an excellent job integrating its software with Microsoft Outlook."

As a Microsoft eServices partner, Disappearing Email will be added to the Microsoft Office XP toolbar link that connects customers to different Web services. In addition, Disappearing Inc. has implemented the Microsoft Passport Single Sign-in Service to its Web site registration process.

"This agreement validates Disappearing Inc.'s approach to email policy and the value of our services to the enterprise," said Mike Burkland, chairman, president and CEO of Disappearing Inc. "A growing number of the Fortune 1000 use Microsoft Outlook as their email platform, and they recognize the importance of enacting comprehensive email policies to reduce the threat of liability.

Disappearing Email is the only product available that makes it easy for companies to effectively manage email archives without compromising employee productivity."

The enterprise version of Disappearing Email is designed to work with a company's existing email system, and allows companies to control the operation of the Disappearing Email client software. A consumer version of Disappearing Email for Microsoft Outlook is now available free of charge on the Microsoft Office Update Web site and Disappearing Inc. Web site, and is compatible with both Outlook 98 and Outlook 2000.

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