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SurfControl Launches SuperScout Email Filter

April 9, 2001

The Leader in Internet Access Management Software Enters Email Content Security Market

SurfControl, The Internet Filtering Company(SM), today announced its entrance into the content security market with the launch of SuperScout Email Filter.

Probably the most flexible, scalable, and in-depth content security product, SuperScout Email Filter(TM) allows for easy content rule definition, in order to implement and enforce an organization's email Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP). SuperScout Email Filter is fully customizable to meet a corporation's needs, empowering them to Increase Security, Limit Legal Liability, and Improve Productivity.

"The need for email filtering software has never been greater," said Kelly Haggerty, Vice President Products, SurfControl. "While companies are taking care to monitor network use, too few are paying attention to what comes across their virtual company boundary.

"SuperScout Email Filter addresses these issues by providing automatic filtering and management of inbound and outbound email, scanning the entire content -- including attachments -and taking appropriate action on any messages that violate an organization's email use policy."

SuperScout Email Filter is positioned to lead the content security market, offering key product features including:

— RiskFilter(TM), The only pre-categorized database of content that automatically protects the organization from nuisance emails such as chain letters, get rich quick schemes, joke lists, hoaxes, as well as GIF's, JPEG's, MPEG's containing offensive material that have spread like wildfire through email and the Internet.

— Secure Remote Management - Allows appropriate managers, such as HR, Sales, and IT managers, to remotely and securely review and take proper action on messages violating policy rules from anywhere on the network using a standard web browser. Actions include: allow, deny, delete, archive, print, forward, etc.

— Core Functionality - Intelligent rules processing and multiple policy actions allow you to effectively manage the flow of information travelling through your company email server.

The web and email filtering element of the Content Security market is expected to be worth almost $4bn between 2000-2004(a). As the leading provider of Internet Access Management software, SurfControl is perfectly positioned to enter the email content security market, offering corporations the necessary tools to create a safe online environment where productivity and success thrive.

About SuperScout Email Filter

In addition to the unique RiskFilter(TM), and Secure Remote Management ability, other features include audit trail capability, individual activity tracking with real-time monitoring, and extensive reporting. This functionality increases security by: providing anti-virus scanning at the gateway, preventing confidential data loss, and implementing an encryption policy.

SuperScout Email Filter also limits legal liability by preventing the distribution of sexually harassing email, and messages sent without a protective company disclaimer. In addition, SuperScout improves productivity by preventing the delivery of SPAM and junk mail to employees, and by scheduling the mail server to deliver non-essential email outside of normal business hours.

About SurfControl, The Filtering Company(SM)

SurfControl plc (EASDAQ:SRFC/London:SRF), is a world leader in Responsible Internet Usage, offering a complete line of Internet filtering solutions for use in the home, education and the corporation.

The SurfControl family of products employs expert filtering, Pass-Through and Pass-By technologies to create a productive Internet environment in the workplace and a child safe room on the Internet at home and at school.

This comprehensive line of Internet monitoring and policy management solutions includes SuperScout Web Filter - the market leader in Internet productivity in the corporation; SuperScout Email Filter -- managing content security; Cyber Patrol - the market leader in responsible Internet Usage in the home and at school; and the SurfControl Content Filtering SDK - the proven filtering solution for ISPs, Search Engines, Internet Appliances and ASPs.

SurfControl works with a variety of partners such as AltaVista, Check Point Software Technologies (NASDAQ:CHKP), Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO), Google, Hewlett Packard (NYSE:HWP), IBM (NYSE:IBM), ICSA, Microsoft Web-TV Networks Inc. (NASDAQ:MSFT), Netscape, WorldGate (NASDAQ:WGAT), and YAHOO! (NASDAQ:YHOO).

SurfControl employs over 300 people worldwide and has offices in the USA in California and Massachusetts; in the UK in Manchester and London; Rotterdam, Holland; Vienna, Austria; Frankfurt, Germany; and Sydney, Australia.

For further information and news on SurfControl, please visit http://

(a) International Data Corporation


CONTACT: SurfControl, Heather Cook, 831/431-1528, or Erin Mitchell, 202/775-1401,



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