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Symantec Provides NAS Anti-Virus Protection

April 10, 2001

Symantec Corp. today announced the availability of CarrierScan Server for NetApp filers and NetCache appliances. CarrierScan Server 2.1, Symantec says, integrates protection from viruses and other malicious code with Network Appliance's data management and content delivery products to ensure the safe and reliable storage and delivery of network-attached data.

According to Symantec, CarrierScan Server, which can be deployed on one or more servers inside a companies infrastructure, enables companies to tightly integrate anti-virus scanning and repair capabilities into services such as Web-based e-mail, Web-based file sharing, Internet-available databases and other applications that deliver files over the Internet.

Gary Warren, senior vice president for Symantec, said, "This product fills an important need for users of caching and data management devices. For example, a single infected file placed on a shared storage appliance can infect the entire community of users. By integrating CarrierScan Server with Network Appliance devices, Symantec provides thousands of NetApp customers with the most advanced anti-virus protection available."

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