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Brightmail Provides MSN with Anti-Spam Technology

April 12, 2001

Brightmail Inc., a leading provider of email filtering solutions, has agreed to provide MSN with anti-spam technology that will serve to protect more than 5 million MSN subscribers from unwanted email. MSN users will need to "opt-in" for the Brightmail Anti-Spam Solution, which will divert spam to special storage areas -- a solution that quickly gives clients more control over their in-boxes. Readers can easily ignore messages or browse through them at their own pace.

"We're delighted to help MSN prevent spam from reaching their customers. We've seen a 411% increase in the volume of unwanted messages over the past year -- more than just an annoyance for ISPs -- it can cost them dearly in terms of clogged networks, lost productivity and, even worse, lost customers," said Gary Hermansen, CEO of Brightmail.

"MSN is aggressively implementing ways to keep spam out of our users' mailboxes," said Mark Wain, product manager for MSN. "We feel that the Brightmail Anti-Spam Solution is a powerful technology to help us achieve this."

Brightmail is based in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit

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