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Advanced Email Parser v.1.27 - ready for Vista™!

February 20, 2007

Version 1.27 - released on February 20, 2007

List of changes:

  • Windows VISTA support for all AEP editions has been added
  • Windows VISTA/2003 Server: now AEP correctly determines the number of AEP copies started in the system
  • Windows VISTA/2003 Server: now the service does not require the interactive mode on being started
  • Windows VISTA/2003 Server R2: changes enabling to correspond to new user rights requirements have been made
  • NT Services: now instead of obsolete .bat files AEP uses NT Service Manager.
  • RAS service was constantly polled if the system options had a RAS account. Fixed.
  • Message Sender: an error occurred on replacing/adding CC/BCC fields has been fixed.
  • Rules constructor: A new icon for rules with the flag 'Continue with next rule' has been added
  • Parsers: WildCards errors have been fixed.
  • Parsers: WildCards use logic has been improved
  • Parsers: Some fixes for better processing of RegExp expressions have been made.
  • Parsers: An error in the BlockParser component has been fixed.
  • Main interface: A new button 'Clear Log' has been added
  • Some fixes for better processing of email headers have been implemented.
  • Overall AEP stability has been improved


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