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Mailbox Verifier: new FREEWARE program

May 5, 2001

We are proud to announce the availability of version 1.0 of Mailbox Verifier. MV is a small free software that will notify you about new messages arrived to your mailbox. The number of mailboxes MV can check is unlimited; it works with the POP3 mailboxed and can't deal with web-interface mailboxes and IMAP-servers.

Besides, MV is very flexible and easy to configure. MV is familiar with many popular mail clients and never conflicts with them. You can check for new messages either manually or automatically with any time interval chosen. New message alert can be combined from blinking program icon in tray, sound alert and/or pop-up window as you like. MV is tactful enough to disable window pop-up while screen saver is running, and can hold back from attempting to check mail when there is no Internet connection.

You can learn more about Mailbox Verifier and download it here.

MailUtilities.Com Staff


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