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Suspect caught by e-mail trail

May 28, 2001

Clearwater, Florida-AP -- An e-mail from a Florida teen-ager suspected of fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend's father has led to his capture at a Georgia movie theater.

Seventeen-year old William Lang is charged with killing a 55-year-old Florida health official at the man's home Tuesday.

Florida authorities say they tracked the suspect through e-mails sent from various public and school libraries.

Police say he also used computers to follow police progress in tracking him.

The teen told Florida investigators he had broken into the man's house and shot the man after being surprised.

Police say Lang was holding a pistol when his former girlfriend came home and found her father's body lying in the front doorway.

He allegedly assaulted her, while he waited for her mother to return from work and then took the keys and fled in the family car.


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