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Advanced Maillist Verify 4.1 has been released

May 30, 2001

AMV v4.1 has been released on May 29. IAmvConfigure COM / ActiveX interface has been added. This interface is designed to configure AMV from other applications. With IAmvConfigure interface methods you can do the same as you can do in AMV settings dialog, except some settings which are unimportant for Advanced Maillist Verify component. Please, see new AmvCfg sample (Visual Basic 6) for illustration; sample is available in AMV 4.1 package with full source codes.

Also, AMV 4.1 correctly process SMTP servers answers which are support DUL and RBL databases. This improvement is significant only for users, whose IPs are in DUL/RBL databases. See following documents for details:

You can download AMV from our downloads page.

MailUtilities.Com Staff


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