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Computer Virus Hoax Email

May 31, 2001

An email hoax is causing serious concerns for computer users here in the Valley. It comes as an email warning of a potential computer virus.

There are a few versions of the hoax email and it can also be found in Spanish. All the emails warn of a virus found in a file named SULFNBK.EXE. The messages give you instructions of how to delete the SULFNBK.EXE file from your computer.

There is not a virus and you should not delete the file.

SULFNBK.EXE is a standard part of windows operating systems and needs to remain on your computer.

The hoax emails warn that a virus on the SULFNBK.EXE file is set to go off on June 1st. The messages contain language similar to:

"I found a virus in my computer that was sent to me by somebody. The virus will activate itself on the 1st of JUNE and according to McaFee web site will destroy every single file in the hard drive. If you have the virus it should be in your computer by now. The file name is SULFNBK.EXE. You can find it in the Windows explorer and then eliminate the file. (Do not forget to eliminate it from the Trash as well!)

Please pass this information to everyone you know"

”This virus was found on our system that was received via e-mail. We do not know how long it has been on our computer but Anti-Virus Software cannot detect it. It will not become active until June 1, 2001, at that point it will become active and then it will be too late to simply fix. This virus wipes out all files and folders on the hard drive. This virus travels through e-mail and migrated to the C:\windows\command folder. To find it and get rid of the virus, simply follow these directions:

Go to the Start button

Go to the Find or Search button

Go to the Files & Folders

Make sure the find box is searching the "c:" drive.

Type in : sulfnbk.exe

Begin search

Delete the file without opening it

Delete the file from your Recycle Bin

You should be safe.

If you find this virus, you must contact everyone in your contact list and everyone you have sent any e-mail to in the past few months. We do not know how long this has been on our computers.

Do not delay. And do not rely on your Anti-Virus software. McAfee and

Norton can not detect it because is does not become a virus until June 1st.

It will be too late then. Important… do not open the file. Delete it!

Sorry for any inconvenience.”

You can learn more about this and other hoaxes at

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