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Advanced Email Parser 1.03 has been RELEASED!

July 7, 2001

Today, 7 of July, 2001 AEP 1.03 is out! AEP is really "advanced" utility for processing incoming e-mails. We have worked hard last month to meet a claims of our users, already using AEP in their work. Now it have new capabilities and it is include some new valuable features.

A very helpful thing is to use attachments in your automating responding. Users can work with attachments in two ways: you can send e-mails with attachments or receive them and use our "Attachments Writer" component to store on hard disk and processing with other applications.

Need to send messages in HTML format? Not a problem! You can load message into SMTP Sender and it will make all necessary work: split all message fields into headers and body.

Like to work with national languages? Try out our new version and you will never receive unreadable message body and subject.

Also all known bugs were fixed and "Stack Overflow error" finally fixed too.

You can download the new version of Advanced Email Parser at our downloads page. You can learn more about Advanced Email Parser here.

MailUtilities.Com Staff


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