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F-Secure Alerts Computer Users of a New E-Mail Worm VBSWG.X

July 9, 2001

F-Secure Corporation (HEX:FSC), a leading provider of centrally-managed, widely distributed security solutions is alerting computer users worldwide about a new, rapidly spreading e-mail worm named VBSWG.X, also known as Homepage, is an encrypted e-mail worm found in the wild on May 9th, 2001.

This is an encrypted worm generated with VBSWG virus kit. It is similar to the widely spread worm at February 2001 - VBS/Onthefly (also known as Anna Kournikova worm VBSWG.X worm spreads using Outlook Application. This new virus sends messages with a subject "Homepage" and a body "You've got to see this page! It's really cool ;O)".

When the attached file is executed, the worm will send (mass mail) itself to each recipient in every address book. After this, the worm attempts to open one of four x-rated web pages. However, the mass-mailing part of the code generates much more serious consequences, including overloading e-mail servers and public relation problems.

"Early propogation reports indicate that this virus is spreading faster than many of the biggest viruses we saw last year", comments Mikko Hypponen. "It's seems to be spreading faster as Anna Kournikova".

As soon as F-Secure got got a sample of the virus, it added detection of this virus version. This took around two hours, and took place Wednesday 9th 3 AM Utc.

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About F-Secure Corporation

F-Secure Corporation is a leading provider of centrally managed security for today's mobile, wireless enterprise. The company offers a full range of award-winning, integrated anti-virus, file encryption, distributed firewall and VPN solutions for workstations, servers, gateways and mobile devices. F-Secure products are uniquely suited for delivery of Security as a Service(tm) which provides invisible, reliable, always-on, and up-to-date security for the most widely distributed user base. Whether provided by corporate IT or delivered by service providers, F-Secure solutions extend policy-based security and instant alerts to all devices where information is created, stored or accessed. Founded in 1988, F-Secure Corporation is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange [HEX: FSC]. The company is headquartered in Espoo, Finland with North American headquarters in San Jose, California, as well as offices worldwide.

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Mikko Hypponen, Manager,Anti-Virus Research, F-Secure Corporation, Pl 24, FIN-02231 Helsinki, Tel. +358 9 2520 5531, Fax +358 9 2520 5001, Gsm 358 400 648 180, E-mail:



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