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E-mail-reading driver kills woman

August 5, 2001

YOSHIKAWA, Saitama — A driver has been arrested after he hit and killed a woman here while reading an e-mail message on his mobile phone, police said.

Mitsuhito Fujita, of Matsubushi, Saitama Prefecture, was arrested on the spot where he hit Toyoko Osawa on Friday on charges of professional negligence resulting in injury. However, his charge will be upgraded following the death of Osawa on Saturday from the injuries she sustained in the accident.

On Friday evening, Osawa, of Yoshikawa, was struck by Fujita's car as she tried to cross the road on her bike. The 55-year-old woman suffered a heavy knock on her head and died in hospital the following day.

Fujita, 26, has admitted to police that he was totally unaware of Osawa's presence because he was busy reading an e-mail message on his cell phone.


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