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Doctors send dieting e-mails to overweight patients

August 6, 2001

Doctors in Glasgow are sending e-mails to dieters to help motivate them to lose weight.

The pilot project called Emotivity involves 100 overweight people.

Half of them get emails on healthy food and exercise, while the rest are left alone to follow their diet plan.

The project is being led by Dr Andrew Storey, of Glasgow University's food and nutrition department.

He said: "The idea with the e-mail diet is that people can log on to their computers first thing and receive advice and encouragement.

"Some may say it is a bit like the Big Brother element, but maybe some dieters will be more inclined to stick to the diet if they are being given daily encouragement."

Participants will be sent regular updates on fruit and vegetable bargains at their local supermarkets, the Evening Times reports.

Dr Storey is considering setting up the scheme in community centres and libraries for people who don't have access to a home computer.

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