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Outlook Tip: Color Code Incoming E-Mail Messages

August 8, 2001

With the huge quantity of e-mail messages that arrive in the average businessperson's mail box each day, this tip for e-mailbox organization should really come in handy.

To make sure you see certain messages when they arrive, try associating colors with important senders. Color code a sender so that all messages from that sender appear in a particular color:

  1. Click the Organize button that appears on the toolbar at the top of your Outlook window, or choose Tools, Organize from the menu bar. A window will appear above your mail listing.
  2. Click the Using Colors option.
  3. Choose the from option to code incoming messages.
  4. Indicate the name or e-mail address of the person or entity that is to be coded. Note: If you selected a message from this person or entity before clicking the Using Colors option, that name will already appear in the appropriate field.
  5. Choose the color you want to apply to this type of message.
  6. Click the Apply Color option to initiate this process. All messages currently in your Inbox will be scanned and the color applied appropriately. Any future messages from this sender will also be color coded.

by AccountingWEB US, 8 August 2001, Copyright © 2001 AccountingWEB, Inc.


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