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Gay student faked hate e-mail campaign

August 24, 2001

NEW YORK — Last year, when 25-year-old Edward Drago began getting hate e-mails, he complained to officials at the College of New Jersey, but little was done.

Then someone painted a swastika on the door of his dorm room, and officials began to get concerned and doubled security at Drago's residence hall.

When classes resumed this semester, the hate e-mails continued and spread to the offices of GUTS, the gay student organization in which Drago served as treasurer. The college called in local police after fear began to grip the whole campus.

During the height of the scare last semester, a large rally was held. Sophomore Jessie Burger said, "The rally had large faculty support, everybody was wearing the pink ribbons."

Now, police say the whole thing was faked.

Drago has been charged with harassment and filing false reports, according to Dr. Jesse Rosenblum, a spokesman for the school. The psychology major was brought in for questioning by campus police and confessed to all the gay-themed crimes, Rosenblum said.

Rosenblum, however, did not know what Drago's motive was. The student was suspended pending a disciplinary hearing.

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