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FingerTipOnline offers e-mail service for mobile users

September 4, 2001

Chennai-based start-up FingerTipOnline Pvt. Ltd (incubated by Silk Route Indchem venture capital fund) has developed FingerTip mail, which allows mobile phone users to read, compose, forward or delete messages with text, MS Office document or Adobe PDF attachments. Also, for the first time file attachments (of any type) can be printed to any network printer, said Mr G Suresh Kumar, chief executive officer, FingerTip.

“e-Mail is a killer application. FingerTip mail helps users to make good use of it through mobile phones,” he adds. Users would require WAP-enabled mobiles and a POP3 e-mail accounts. In fact, FingerTip mail aggregates POP3 mail accounts and corporate mail accounts into a single box for easy use by mobile users.

The commercial rollout has begun in India with a mobile operator. The firm is also tapping other markets such as Europe, Asia-Pacific and part of the US through its business partners.

Technically, the mail service is built around a multi-tier architecture. Also, latest encryption standards are used to protect the privacy of the users. Another unique feature is that no client (or software) needs to downloaded to the device to enable the working of the mail.

by Anand Krishnamoorthy in Chennai, Copyright © 2001: Indian Express Newspapers (Bombay) Ltd.


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