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E-Mail Anywhere Capability From PocketMail

September 11, 2001

The PocketMail Composer is both a pocket-sized organizer and an "e-mail appliance" that allows consumers to send and receive e-mail, anytime, anywhere, over virtually any telephone without the need for a phone jack, cradle or cable. Past models were compatible with landline or analog cellular phones. This new product now works with any type of mobile phone as well. The PocketMail Composer makes sending and receiving e-mail messages as easy as dialing an 800 number, holding the device against the telephone handset and pushing just one button. The Composer can also be used to send faxes. The battery-powered PocketMail Composer is about the size of many standard organizers and features:

— A complete keyboard

— Organizer functions including address book, scheduling calendar, calculator, memo pad and to-do list

— E-mail management features including message previews and organizing message folders

"For our largest and most mobile markets — Rivers, boaters and truckers and travelers — the PocketMail service has proved to be an invaluable means of communication," said Joe Katz, vice president of marketing at PocketMail Inc. "The PocketMail Composer's compatibility with just about any phone anywhere makes it a reliable link to home, friends and family from almost anyplace in the world."

PocketMail products can be purchased at or by calling 877-EMAILHERE (877-362-4543). The $99.00 PocketMail Composer and $14.95 monthly PocketMail Service are available in specially-priced discount bundles with 3 months or 12 months of service.

PocketMail Service includes an e-mail address, unlimited e-mail, plus the option to send faxes at a small additional charge. The service can also be coordinated with most existing Internet e-mail accounts and corporate e-mail system. Copies of e-mail sent to those accounts can be read on the PocketMail Composer and the Composer can reply using any return e-mail address.

The PocketMail Composer includes CompanionLink software for Microsoft Windows which allows the PocketMail Composer to be synchronized with Personal Information Manager programs including Outlook, Lotus Notes, Act! and Goldmine. The PocketMail Composer extends the company's already impressive compatibility with most telephones — from public pay telephones to office PBX systems to cell phones — to include CDMA, TDMA and GSM cellular and PCS handsets.

The PocketMail Service was launched in the USA and Canada in 1998 and has since expanded to Australia, the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong, with more to come. In May 2001, PocketMail Group Ltd., the original licensee and operator of the PocketMail Service in Australia, New Zealand and the nearby Asian region, purchased the worldwide PocketMail operations from Inc. (formerly PocketScience Inc.). PocketMail Group now operates the PocketMail Service as one unified global operation, with primary offices in Sydney, Australia, and Santa Clara, Calif., and is publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange under the symbol PKT.

The PocketMail customer base ranges from retirees seeking an easy-to-use home e-mail solution to mobile professionals seeking a reliable and truly global mobile e-mail solution. The PocketMail Service serves large recreational markets, such as the "RV" motor coach and boating communities, and many mobile workers, from flight attendants to truckers. The PocketMail Service offers the widest coverage of any e-mail service, and is often the only choice for personal and corporate mobile e-mail solutions. PocketMail Services include proprietary handheld products as well as Web and mobile phone messaging options. PocketMail Group is committed to providing simple and affordable e-mail anytime, anywhere.

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