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Pocket E-mail Device Released

September 12, 2001

Device maker PocketMail, Inc. Monday announced the release of its newest email appliance called the PocketMail Composer. The PocketMail Composer is a handheld email device measuring 6.38L x 3.15W x 0.94H. It weighs 8.22 oz. with 2-AA batteries installed.

PocketMail describes the Composer as both an e-mail device and a personal organizer, enabling users to send/receive e-mail over virtually any telephone without a phone jack, cradle, or cable. While past models were only compatible with landline or analog cellular models, the new Composer works with CDMA, TDMA, GSM, and PCS handsets.

Users simply dial an 800 number, hold the device up to the phone, and push a single button. The company said the device can also be used to send faxes.

Features include a complete keyboard, PIM functions, and e-mail management tools like previews and folders.

The device is targeted towards the more casual-use consumer market including travelers, truckers, outdoor sports enthusiasts, and retirees. PocketMail products, including the new Composer, can be purchased at the company's Web site. The new device is priced at $99 and the monthly PocketMail Service costs $14.95 per month in 3 or 12 month bundles.

The PocketMail Service includes an e-mail address, unlimited e-mail, and a fax option for an additional fee. Service can be coordinated with most existing e-mail accounts and corporate e-mail systems. Any e-mail address can be configured as the return e-mail address.

Sycnronization of PIM functions is provided by CompanionLink software for MS Windows. It is compatible for synch-ing with Outlook, Lotus Notes, Act!, and Goldmine.

By Matthew A. Peretz,, Copyright © 2001 INT Media Group, Incorporated


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